Amazon Delivers New Capabilities at unBoxed 2023

Oct 30, 2023

At this year’s Amazon UnBoxed, an annual event dedicated to showcasing Amazon Ad’s latest advancements, Amazon unveiled a series of new capabilities for their advertising platforms. These enhancements are setting new standards at the intersection of AI, machine learning, and digital marketing. Integrated into Amazon DSP, the improvements aim to streamline media buying, planning, and reporting for media teams.

In this article, we will highlight the key announcements and explore the reality of their impacts on the digital advertising landscape for marketers.

Image Generation in Beta

Overview: A generative AI solution to help brands produce lifestyle imagery for improved ad performance.


  • Reduces creative barriers.

  • Enhances ad engagement with visually rich content.

  • Accessible and straightforward for advertisers of all sizes.

Kepler Perspective:

This development represents Amazon's push into integrating AI more deeply into advertising, helping brands overcome challenges associated with creative production. It fosters an inclusive advertising environment, catering to advertisers lacking resources for creative development. At Kepler, our Chief Creative Officer is leading explorations in generative creative AI, with early success stories in creating quality video assets at scale for digital environments like product detail pages (PDPs) on Amazon.

Amazon’s latest release seems to be most valuable for endemic, ROAS-focused advertisers, so we’re keeping our eyes out for how the product will evolve to scale for enterprise brands that do not sell a product on Amazon (“non-endemic brands”).‍

Amazon Publisher Cloud

Overview: A collaboration service for publishers to plan programmatic deals and activate them in Amazon DSP, integrating first-party signals with insights from Amazon Ads.


  • Durable addressability for publishers' supply.

  • Streamlined workflow for deal creation and activation.

  • Built on AWS Clean Rooms for secure collaboration.

Kepler Perspective:

This service strengthens the ecosystem for digital publishers and advertisers, facilitating secure and efficient programmatic deal planning and execution. It emphasizes Amazon's commitment to privacy and secure data collaboration. We’ve seen an increasing focus from our leads at Amazon on the importance of Amazon Publisher Direct deals in the DSP environment. This is one more announcement that shows they’re serious about their ability to be inventory dominant, both with their proprietary shows/content, and the partnerships they’ve built for publisher supply.

Sponsored TV

Overview: A self-service ad solution to reach audiences on streaming TV services, available for brands selling on Amazon in the U.S. It targets audiences on Amazon Freevee, Twitch, and third-party streaming services via Fire TV apps.


  • Accessible to brands of all sizes, with no minimum spend.

  • Efficient reach with machine-learning optimization.

  • Uses Amazon's first-party shopping and entertainment data for relevant ad experiences.

Kepler Perspective:

This initiative democratizes access to TV advertising, traditionally dominated by large corporations, by eliminating cost barriers and providing supportive tools and services. It aligns with the trend of streaming TV surpassing linear TV, catering to the growing cord-cutter audience.

That said, Amazon DSP remains the more sophisticated and integrated STV buying channel of choice for enterprise advertisers and agency partners like Kepler. We will keep a close eye on whether the introduction of Sponsored TV shifts standard inputs like pricing, creative quality, and consumer experience.

At Kepler, we excel in helping brands maximize these Amazon DSP enhancements, ensuring informed, strategic decision-making for optimal performance and growth. As the platform evolves, we remain dedicated to guiding brands through this transformative landscape, leveraging our deep expertise and innovative approaches for their success. Learn more.

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