Maximising results across APAC

APAC and its range of disparate markets presents a unique set of challenges for marketers looking to  simultaneously achieve regional scale and local relevance and impact. Kepler’s own seasoned APAC team, headquartered in Singapore, has extensive experience centrally activating country-specific campaigns and navigating the area’s specific supply and regulatory issues — across all paid digital media channel. This approach has been proven time and again for leading advertisers in the e-services, financial services, telecom and hospitality industries — and has been deployed to support campaigns in such languages as Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Thai, and Bahasa.

Key Clients

“Kepler has been a tremendous partner in providing best in class ad tech solutions that enable us to form and implement our attribution strategy across the APAC region.”
Hisham Zainal, AVP, Group Strategic Marketing and Communications, DBS Bank

Stronger as Part of Hakuhodo DY

Even though we are built to offer the agility and speed of an independent, we are able to leverage the buying clout and broad capabilities of our global parent Hakuhodo DY, one of Asia-Pacific’s largest advertising conglomerates. With over 25,000 employees and subsidiaries in every major APAC market, Hakuhodo DY provides Kepler with a foundation of regional expertise that no other digital provider can match.

Our Impact

DBS streamlines digital marketing to improve effectiveness

DBS is the largest bank in Southeast Asia, with a wide array of locally tailored products and offerings. To accelerate this success, they asked Infectious Media (now Kepler) to help them achieve greater marketing synergies across 5 key markets and products.

The Kepler team executed a thorough review of programs, platforms and tactics to reveal a wide array of optimization opportunities. As an example of the level of rigor and detail applied, one key opportunity we identified was related to accumulated tagging complexity. Over the years, the client’s legacy agencies had executed tags in fragmented ways — leading to a dizzying and inconsistent mix of tags and naming conventions.

To consolidate the effort, Kepler recommended a singular tag management solution and then implemented a widespread retagging project that achieved consistent naming and a 95% reduction in the number of tags.

The resulting setup now allows DBS to more effectively understand site traffic, develop powerful audience insights, and market to segment-specific needs.