Our Salary Transparency and Compensation Strategy

We recognize how important it is for employees to know where they stand with compensation. A recent survey showed that 67% of employees want more information on transparency and equity from their employers, but only 25% of employees know the salary range for their role.

At Kepler, our culture of transparency extends beyond how we engage with clients and partners. We believe every employee should understand our compensation philosophy and practices. Understanding how we’re compensated allows us to plan for the future and be sure we’re being paid equitably for our skills and contributions.

We believe

Transparency builds trust within our team

Fair and transparent compensation promotes equity across gender identity, race and sexual orientation

Our team's hard work and commitment to Kepler should be rewarded

Compensation strategy

Kepler’s success is driven by our people. Our compensation strategy is designed to attract, reward and retain top talent, and to support our team members' wellbeing as people, not just as employees. We also want to empower our employees and remove what can be a point of stress: wondering if you’re being fairly compensated. We follow objective, predictable, and consistent guidelines when determining compensation in order to ensure equitable pay, and to help employees understand how they can increase their compensation.

We want you to understand where compensation starts, and where you can grow in your role and as you grow in your career. For those considering joining our team, we want you to understand not just the starting compensation in your offer, but also the type of growth to expect and how your compensation can increase during your career at Kepler.

Compensation at Kepler includes:

Direct compensation

Cash compensation in the form of salary and bonus

Indirect compensation

Additional value provided to employees in the form of traditional benefits, stipends and other perks

Kepler has made a global commitment to increasing transparency around pay practices. This page will be updated as we take these steps in each region where we operate.

Direct compensation (U.S. only)

At Kepler, salaries and bonuses are determined by the following pay bands:

Annual salary range
Target bonus
$58,750 - 70,500
Senior Analyst
$70,000 - 84,000
$85,000 - 106,300
Associate Director
$105,100 - 131,400
$126,900 - 158,600
Associate Vice President
$144,400 - 180,500
Vice President
$181,900 - 218,300

100% of our employees are paid within the salary band for their role. We conduct a rigorous benchmarking analysis every 1-2 years to ensure that our salary bands remain competitive.

Compensation growth is also a priority for Kepler. In addition to increasing compensation through promotion, all employees in good standing are eligible for annual raises within their current role.

Indirect compensation

We know there is a lot that contributes to building an engaged, productive and innovative team. We ask everyone to bring their full self to work and our indirect compensation package is designed to support our employees as humans first. We provide best-in-class health insurance, help employees save for retirement, subsidize home office equipment and technology, and support employees’ health, wellbeing, and personal growth through our benefits package.

We also offer benefits such as unlimited PTO, generous parental leave, short and long term disability coverage, employer-provided life insurance, AD&D insurance and tax advantaged savings accounts (FSA, HSA).These benefits contribute significant value to our employees and are a key component to our compensation structure.

Monthly Amount
Annual Amount
Healthcare premiums
401k contributions
$142 - $900
$1,700 - $10,800**
Home office stipend
Mobile phone stipend
Home wi-fi stipend
Learning stipend
Education stipend
Total Potential Indirect Compensation
$14,300 - $23,400

*on average

**calculated based on salary

Ensuring compensation remains competitive and equitable

We are constantly striving to achieve equity for all our employees. Though equity is complicated and hard to guarantee, we conduct regular audits of our businesses practices, including our pay structure, to identify and correct any disparity in how our employees are treated.

We are proud to say that our current pay analysis shows gender and racial parity across each of our pay bands.

At Kepler, we’re committed to our employees and we’re transparent, straightforward, and collaborative in all that we do, including our compensation strategy.