Amazon Just Made it Easy for Brands of All Sizes to Access Premium TV Inventory

Apr 9, 2024

There was once a time when only the biggest brands had the scale and means to advertise on the biggest screen in the living room. Then came Connected TV with programmatic pipes which opened up opportunities for new buyers who required more flexibility and data-driven methods of advertising via DSPs (Demand Side Platforms, or advanced media buying platforms).

Amazon is taking this momentum one step further, democratizing access to premium CTV inventory for brands selling on their site through a new product called "Sponsored TV" (ST), accessible via the Amazon Ads console. 

Last week Pacvue invited Amazon and Kepler to a live webinar to explore Sponsored TV and compare it to "Streaming TV" (STV), Amazon's more advanced CTV and premium video offering available via Amazon DSP.

Panel Participants:

  • Anne Harrell: Product Evangelist Lead at Pacvue

  • Omar Karim: Director of Advertising Products & Technology at Amazon, Gaming & OTT

  • Garrett Dale: Co-Founder and Chief Partnership Officer at Kepler

Topics From the Live Discussion That You Need to Know:

  1. Amazon’s Sponsored TV is a great place for Amazon sellers and vendors to start experimenting in CTV: pre-negotiated rates across Amazon’s Freevee, Twitch, and many other top CTV apps

  2. Sponsored TV has no minimums: simply sign up for access to the Amazon Ads console and you’re ready to go. (Keep reading for a Sponsored TV promotion, available to brands for a limited time.)

  3. Streaming TV is for more advanced and scaled media buyers: Test budgets are generally $20k and higher at minimum.  

  4. Streaming TV is accessible through Amazon DSP: As a certified Advanced Sales Partner, Kepler will license Amazon DSP and/or service these programs for agencies and brands whether you sell on Amazon or not, with increased controls and greater access to premium inventory like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and Roku.

Still unsure which is best for you? Contact us!

Key Considerations: Kepler and Pacvue are Here to Help

  • Mindset shift: Introducing a new media channel to your media mix is now technically simple, but from a strategy perspective it requires some education to shift a brand’s mindset to an often longer customer journey. The performance will look different than Sponsored Ads and Sponsored Display’s on-Amazon ad placements.

  • Advanced measurement in AMC will show the full value of Sponsored TV and Streaming TV: Reports such as the “New to Brand” report will show how your ST/STV ads are driving intent and purchases from an increased pool of consumers.

  • Creative remains critically important: Your spots need to breakthrough to drive real impact. Fortunately, Amazon and Kepler are now giving brands of all sizes tools, strategy, and opportunities to create great spots for the big screen.

    • Kepler Content Engine: Innovative and experienced creative minds, accelerated by Gen AI for production, editing, and versioning in a matter of days instead or weeks or months, using inputs as simple as an Amazon Product Detail Page, combined with trusted 1st and 3rd party business signals integrated within our internal platform, Kip. We hope to have solved the old adage of “Good. Cheap. Fast. Pick Two.”

      We’re finally getting all three — and the units can be used for ads or even A+ Video Content on your PDP to increase conversion rates on your page or store’s traffic. The Kepler Content Engine is available as part of a media buy or as a standalone offering. Early bird production rates start around $10k for the first video version and decrease at scale. 

      Note: Ads created from the Content Engine can be used anywhere by the brand — not just Amazon.

    • Amazon Video Incentive Program: Amazon is currently offering a program that creates a TV spot with a $15k minimum media commitment.

Next Steps: We’ve Buried the Lede!

Amazon and Kepler are thrilled to offer free Sponsored TV credits in April for early adopters. Contact us now to discuss how any of Amazon’s premium video options can fit into your media mix and start experimenting today with great creative on the big screen!

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