Deep Insight, Better Targeting: Personas with Kepler Creative

May 20, 2024

Today’s marketers need to understand their audience. Kepler Creative’s Content Engine, powered by Kip™, leverages advanced AI and data-driven insights to create detailed customer personas that bring your target audience to life. These personas help develop highly personalized marketing campaigns that are more effective and deliver higher ROI.  

Rich Customer Insights

Kepler Creative’s personas provide rich insights into your customers, drawing from a comprehensive set of data points, from critical demographic and psychographic data to ad copy preferences and more. Other persona elements include:  

  • Income Level: Crafting offers that align with financial capabilities.

  • Educational Background: Adjusting content tone and complexity.

  • Imagery Preferences: Serving images that appeal to a specific audience.

  • Product Pain Points and Needs: Referencing problems or issues that your product/service can solve.

  • Emotional Resonance: Including metadata that speaks to the emotional benefits or experiences associated with the product.

  • Job Sectors and Titles: Relevance to professional contexts.

  • Ad Receptivity: Engaging the customer's preferred channels through which to engage with ads.

  • Interests and Hobbies: Aligning content with personal passions.

  • Web Browsing Preferences: Delivering content through preferred channels.

  • Brand Affinities and Shopping Habits: Understanding purchase behaviors.

  • Media Consumption Habits: Targeting preferred sources for news and information.

  • Lifestyle Types and Personality Traits: Personalizing messages to fit lifestyle and personality.

AI-Backed Research with Kip

Kip, Kepler’s proprietary marketing intelligence platform, powers these personas. By combining AI analysis with vast datasets, Kip generates detailed, dynamic customer profiles, including AI–powered video “interviews.” These sessions provide marketers with deep insights into their end users, enabling a better understanding of customer needs, preferences, and behaviors. To gather this information, Kip pulls from: 

  • Kinetic Customer Segmentation: Behavioral segmentation for dynamic targeting.

  • YouGov Customer Data: Insights from global research.

  • Performance Metrics: Proprietary data from past campaigns.

  • Real-Time Feedback and Trends: Up-to-date testimonial data and internet trends.

  • Product Usage Information: Specific insights from product detail pages.

Personalized Content at Scale

With these rich personas, Kepler Creative ensures every piece of content is finely tuned to its audience. This leads to higher engagement rates, better customer experiences, and more successful marketing campaigns. The personas guide the creative process, ensuring content is relevant, engaging, and impactful.

Transform Your Marketing with Kepler Creative

Kepler Creative’s AI-driven personas offer a powerful solution for brands looking to elevate their marketing. By leveraging detailed, data-driven insights, Kepler ensures every campaign is highly personalized and effective. Discover how Kepler Creative can transform your content strategy and help you connect with your audience on a deeper level. Visit Kepler Creative to learn more about their innovative solutions and start creating more impactful content today.

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