How “Working From Anywhere” Empowers Kepler’s Teams

Apr 29, 2024

Over the last few years, flexibility and remote work have become increasingly valuable to an interconnected workforce like Kepler’s. That’s why we support our employees with industry-leading programs like our Work From Anywhere (WFA) benefit. 

We source talent from all over the globe, so it follows that staff should be able to travel when they need to. WFA is designed to empower our team by enabling them to work from any location for up to four weeks per year. Transparent scheduling and coordination ensure workflows and productivity remain uninterrupted across geographies while fostering an environment of personal and professional growth. 

Jess Ngu, an Account Director in the London office, took a month to reconnect with her roots in Australia. 

“Kepler's WFA benefit allowed me the opportunity to travel back home and enjoy an Aussie Summer,” she said. “I had enough time to visit my family and friends in Canberra and Sydney, and I was able to be reunited with my 88-year-old Grandma, meet nephews and nieces, and attend a friend's wedding. Being able to have these moments with my loved ones whilst working remotely has been very special to me.”

When Senior Analyst Jenny Lee and her sisters planned a trip to South Korea to visit family, conflicting schedules made it seem impossible. Fortunately, WFA gave Jenny the flexibility to stay in Korea for several weeks, allowing her to travel extensively. "Thanks to Kepler’s Work From Anywhere benefit, I was able to see all my relatives I hadn’t seen in over a decade,” she said. “It was such a rare opportunity and a memorable experience for me.’’

Marketing Manager Carol Kerr also expressed gratitude for the WFA benefit, emphasizing its significance in maintaining connections with her family in South Africa. 

“This Kepler benefit means so much to me since I live in the UK and my family are all in South Africa. I was so excited to spend Christmas with them and then stay on and work from my family home and miss some of the darkest days in the UK. Usually a visit home entails rushing around to see everyone but this time it meant I could spend more quality time with family and friends. I was also able to attend my nephew's Christening as well as celebrate a family birthday together for the first time in over 10 years which was very special.’’

Ashley Kulik, an Associate Director, describes her recent adventure through the Greek islands as an experience she couldn't have had without the flexibility Kepler offers in the WFA benefit. "I spent the month island hopping around Greece, Croatia, and Italy, which was an incredible journey," she shares. "It was amazing to discover new places and cultures while still being able to work remotely." Ashley's trip was so inspiring that she’s already planning her next adventure. 

Natalia Charitsi, a Campaign Manager in Kepler's London office, recently extended her holiday in her home country of Greece. 

‘’With Kepler's WFA benefit I'm able to extend my holiday back home and enjoy a few days of working in sunny Greece! Working from my family home means I get to experience my parents' daily routine and grab lunch with them, work alongside the lovely company of our dog, and take the evening to catch-up with old friends. It's great being able to spend more time with my family without running out of annual leave days.’’

Kepler's Work From Anywhere policy is grounded in employee satisfaction and operational flexibility and designed to meet the needs of a modern workforce. By finding balance at home and at work, fostering meaningful connections with loved ones, or just exploring new countries, staff live our shared values every year. 

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