Kepler Expands Strategic Partnerships with Snap

Apr 15, 2024

As the media landscape evolves, forming dynamic partnerships with leading social media platforms isn't just strategic — it’s essential.

Delivering Audience Engagement with Snapchat

Kepler’s engagement with the Snap Advanced Partner Program underscores a mutual commitment to innovate and create fuller, more effective campaigns.

As part of this exclusive program, Snap recognizes Kepler as a badged partner, giving the firm access to tailored training sessions, dedicated support, and a suite of new tools aimed at enhancing campaign management and execution. These tools include features like bulk invoice downloads, streamlined campaign management, and improved organizational functionalities which facilitate better collaboration and asset sharing across teams.

The partnership enables Kepler to leverage Snap’s dynamic features and audience engagement strategies effectively, translating into stronger campaign outcomes and enhanced client satisfaction. The ability to closely collaborate with Snap not only empowers Kepler with advanced resources but also fosters an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

"The Snap Advanced Partner Program is a game changer for us,” said MaryRose Daily, Associate Director on Kepler's Social COE. “It not only solidifies our position as innovators but also equips us with the tools and insights needed to craft more effective and creative campaigns."

Campaign Excellence Across Meta Platforms

Kepler’s partnership with Meta is built on a foundation of deep expertise and shared vision for the future of digital marketing. 

As a Meta Badged Partner and Certified Company, Kepler enjoys participation in the Strategic Partner Initiative (SPI) via the agency’s proprietary Kip-MMM. The status allows Kepler to engage with Meta on a deeper level, benefiting from premium event access and cutting-edge innovations.

Kepler employs a Consolidated Program Design, adopting Meta’s Advantage+ Suite across various audience segments, creative endeavors, and shopping experiences. This approach is bolstered by active Creator Collaborations and insights derived from Kip, ensuring campaigns are both strategic and data-driven.

Kepler’s execution strategy is characterized by comprehensive upskilling training and routine health checks via Kip. The implementation of Custom Audiences and Pixel (CAPI) — together with advanced analytics — ensure that campaigns are not only set up for success but are continuously optimized for peak performance.

The results speak volumes, with a 25% increase in efficiency following a client’s social program restructuring to align with Kepler standards. Additionally, Kip’s automated insights have slashed time spent on budget planning and forecasting by 90%, showcasing the tangible benefits of this partnership.

Pioneering Social Commerce with TikTok

Kepler’s role as an Alpha partner for TikTok Shops allows Kepler to engage with one of the fastest-growing social platforms at a strategic level, particularly in the realm of social commerce where TikTok's influence is rapidly expanding.

By exploring and shaping TikTok's new shopping features and capabilities, Kepler gains access to new tools and beta features that can significantly enhance the shopping experience on TikTok, making it more seamless and integrated with user engagement and content creation.

This partnership enables Kepler to craft unique shopping experiences that are native to TikTok’s platform, allowing brands to connect more effectively with audiences and drive conversions through innovative formats and creative storytelling.

Continuing a Pattern of Innovation

"Our partnerships with Meta, Snap, and TikTok are not just about staying ahead of the curve; they are about actively shaping that curve," says Garrett Dale, Kepler’s Chief Partnerships Officer. "Each partnership is strategically selected to ensure that we are not only participants in the digital marketing revolution but leaders of it. These relationships allow us to deliver exceptional value to our clients and continuously redefine the boundaries of what is possible in digital marketing."

By partnering with Meta, Snap, and TikTok, Kepler amplifies its campaign effectiveness but also enriches the digital marketing ecosystem with innovations that set new industry standards. This approach ensures that Kepler remains at the forefront, driving success for its clients and shaping the future of digital engagement.

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