Kepler is Among the First Agencies to Attain Meta Marketing Science Certification

Apr 1, 2024

Kepler is now one of the first agencies to earn Meta's Marketing Science Certification, signifying our commitment to excellence in data-driven marketing and to future-proofing our clients’ marketing strategies. Our expertise in Marketing Science ensures Kepler’s clients remain at the forefront of the evolving measurement landscape.

In ad tech and media measurement, it’s more important than ever for agencies to empower their clients with a deep, thorough understanding of statistical methods and rigorous experimentation. Kepler has folded Meta’s Marketing Science Exam — one of the best curricula available — into our internal training on statistics, testing, data analytics, and measurement. 

A scientific approach to the evolving measurement landscape

In a post-cookie era, the new table stakes for advanced marketers are experimentation and marketing mix modeling — not just running an occasional test or model, but embedding scientific principles into every aspect of marketing. The data itself shows how well a data-driven approach pays off: advertisers with a culture of experimentation see improvements of 20%-40% in spending efficiency and 10% increase in advertising effectiveness. At Kepler, we’ve been excited to see Meta leading critical conversations on measurement through events geared toward educating advertisers and agencies as well as through supporting tools like Robyn, a leading open-source MMM.

The skills of marketing science

Meta’s Marketing Science Certification requires experienced analytics professionals to prove their skills in measurement strategies, data manipulation, insight generation, experimental design, and statistical methods. Kepler’s analytics team maintains a broad and deep level of expertise across these skills, as Monday could involve designing a complex geo-lift study to measure the impact of full-funnel media, while Tuesday could require running a SQL query in a data clean room to understand audience overlap, and Wednesday might entail providing a client with recommendations for the best KPIs to use for a new media strategy. Certified employees are proven to demonstrate increased knowledge and deliver higher-quality work, and the agency certification is the highest level that Meta offers.

Pioneering excellence

Attaining this recognition meant a substantial investment in expertise and analytics resources, which isn’t typical for independent agencies. However, we believe that investing in cutting-edge expertise and technologies is essential to better serve our clients in the era of data-driven marketing. With the Meta Marketing Science Certification, we've enhanced our analytical capabilities to provide more valuable insights and more effective strategies for our clients.

Kepler remains dedicated to raising the bar in the marketing industry, and our work with Meta is a significant step in that direction.

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