Kepler Partners with YouGov to Deliver Rapid Insights for Advertisers

Sep 22, 2023

Kepler has entered into a partnership with the international data and analytics group YouGov to provide its clients with deeper market intelligence on a wide range of categories, which can be used to power intelligent media planning and buying decisions.

YouGov is a ​​renowned marketing intelligence leader, boasting of a rich array of survey-based audience profiling data. By integrating YouGov data into Kepler’s media planning process powered by its proprietary technology platform KIP, each of the company’s clients will have access to two unique datasets:

  • Profiles, which provides market intelligence on audience attitudes and behaviors throughout 50+ global markets

  • BrandIndex, which is composed of 15+ years of historical brand data collected across 55+ global markets

Currently, KIP ingests more than 200 million data points per minute from a multitude of campaigns and partners, providing real-time, comprehensive insights into how people are interacting and engaging online.

Now, with the addition of these two YouGov datasets, Kepler’s planning teams will be able to provide clients with research on the current health and perceptions of their own brands and competitors, as well as a richer understanding of various customers’ attitudes, behaviors and purchasing habits.

As a result, Kepler’s clients will have access to an unparalleled degree of information to help them understand their own customers and business opportunities while executing smarter and more efficient digital ad campaigns.

“YouGov is one of the most respected and reliable sources of information on how real-world consumers are thinking and acting,” said Evan Miller, Global Head of Product and Data Science at Kepler. “By incorporating YouGov’s vast array of insights directly into Kepler’s tech-powered planning process, we can deliver highly actionable insights and more effective and innovative ad campaigns for clients.”

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