Kepler was founded in 2012 by a senior team of marketers and technologists because, when we looked across all the agencies and consultancies and pure-play tech firms out there, none of them brought the right combination of marketing and data skills to deliver what modern brands needed. We still believe that to be true – and it’s why leading companies continue to ask us to help transform the way they go to market.

Since Kepler began in 2012, we've grown quickly to 5 locations around the world with over 250 people on staff. Simply put, our goal is to define the future of digital.

The Team


The Collective

Kepler’s role is to be the activation engine for smarter marketing. We’re at our best when we have a better understanding of what motivates people. We use data science to build higher quality models and algorithms, and we deliver maximum results when able to collaborate with forward thinking creative partners.

We are proud to be a member of the kyu collective, whose portfolio companies are leaders in each of these areas. Together we offer clients everything brands need to achieve success in today’s more personalized, tech-driven marketing environment.